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profile image - Ahmed M.
Full Stack developer at Impargo

Working as a remote full stack developer has been both challenging and immensely rewarding. I learned a lot about maps and navigation and I developed many skills including time management, and communication skills.

profile image - Ahmed S.
Ruby on Rails developer at Malindo

One of the best things about being a remote software engineer is the opportunity to tackle new challenges everyday. Working with developers whose experiences are completely different from me is helping me develop new skills. I have never felt such satisfied about a job before.

profile image - Mohamed T.
Lead Full Stack Developer at Pfleglisoft

A big misconception about remote work is that it will make you lazy and unproductive, and that everything will be messy and unorganized. None of that is true of course. With the right tools and project management methodologies, you can always track your productivity and achieve a properly organized teamwork.

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